In a time of quarantine and the height of binge-watching and almost instant delivery are you actually consuming anything meaningful?


I had an epiphany one day during one o my weekly over consumption cluster headaches, I was literally doing nothing with my time but passing it mindlessly scrolling, binging, and ordering Doordash. I stopped to think is my consumption actually meaningful or am I just avoiding my thoughts, feelings, and to-do list? 

We live in a consumption-based society. In the age of Doordash (can you tell I don’t cook a lot?), Amazon Prime, and the overlord Facebook it’s fair to say our consumption is at an all-time high. We have the opportunity to literally indulge in whatever wants or pleasure we INSTANTLY desire. This increase in consumption has led to an increase in depression and stress-related anxiety within not only Millenials but American’s in general. In an attempt to cope we create a never-ending cycle, overindulging for a variety of superficial triggers like social media “clout” and blind avoidance. When we finally arrive at a moment of clarity and we’re able to gain an awareness of our consumption we can finally begin to break the cycle and gain the ultimate level of mindfulness.

These questions were designed to start an internal assessment of what you’re spending your time on. Feel free to journal or ponder in meditation to help yourself reach a better understanding of your level of mindful consumption.

 1. Am I aware of what I’m doing?

This might seem like a silly question but hear me out. As I said above, when around 90% of our consumption occurs on our cellphones it’s easy to get lost mindlessly scrolling. Before you click buy, or post a questionable tweet stop and think about your level of awareness. Are you putting actual brainpower into your next action or just functioning on autopilot?

2. Do I need this in my life?

This Is a loaded question that doesn’t just apply to our physical purchases. When content is constantly available and Facebook Live has become new CNN it’s easy to feel the need to stay in the “know” by consuming content no matter how triggering or even traumatizing. (I’ve seen too many people die on the internet #AhmaudArbery). Before you click a link think to yourself do you need to consume this information in this manner or is there another way best suited for your own mental peace.

3. Am I doing this for someone else?

Phew, I told you these questions were going to get tough but worth it. Honesty hour, close your eyes, stop and think about your last post. How long had you been scrolling away before you decided to make that post? Was their ANY other human being in the tinge of your mind that may have influenced this post? Okay okay, too heavy. What about your latest purchase? Maybe a coworker just rolled up in a brand new car and you KNOW they make less money than you. See where I’m going with this. Our brain is processing so much information so quickly the smallest influences can have uncoils impacts on our consumption. Taking a second to slow down and be honest about our intentions can save us unnecessary indulgence.

4. Does this make me happy?

It’s simple as that. Above all else, life is about happiness and if what you’re doing doesn’t truly bring you happiness it’s just junk consumption.


Making sure your consumption is meaningful is a small step to take to protect your inner peace and happiness. Practice a little self-love today, if you don’t think its meaningful, you don’t need it. 

Do you have a good technique for being mindful of your consumption? Drop a comment below and let me know!