5 ways to create a sacred space just for you whether for work, mediation, or just getting away. Your small living space doesn’t have to keep you from having your own private space 

Last year my husband and I made the decision to transition into a smaller space after I decided to finish my last years of law school as a full-time student and not return to work. We were in a 2 bedroom townhouse with a garage And moved into a pretty basic 1 bedroom apartment. Not only was our junk taking over space. But the extra I used for yoga and meditation and his home gym garage were now a thing of the past. Add COVID into the mix and now we were restricted to house together not only to work but to mediate, workout, watch tv, read a book WHATEVER, the idea of either of us having a sacred space was over. 

After weeks of stepping over barbells and locking ourselves in the closet for zoom calls we had to develop a system to create the spaces we both needed in the small space we had. During that transition I compiled all of our growing pains into 5 keys to creating sacred spaces in small spaces. 

  1. Create a space within a space.

Okay I know, right off the back your thinking i’m speaking nonsense, but when living in a small space you have to be creative. For example, if you live alone maybe its the area of your kitchen where a kitchen table could go but you eat at the breakfast bar, or dividing your living room in half because you don’t entertain much. If you live with your significant other or a roomie maybe focus on an area of the patio or if your bedroom is large enough carve out a special space by rearranging your furniture or even using your closet if it’s large enough! If your space is super small, maybe just designate a side table just or a nightstand.

  1. Remove everything that doesn’t serve you.

In other words, declutter and clean your space! Living in a small space AND having a ton of junk can be overwhelming and does nothing but dampen the energy in your space. When creating your sacred space start by decluttering, spend 10-15 minutes throwing away any and everything you don’t need. In the words of the great Marie Kondo, “If it doesn’t bring you joy, it’s got to go!” Okay, I’m paraphrasing but you get it, once the junk is gone it’s time to clean! Vacuum the carpet, sweep the floor, wash the windows to allow for fresh sunlight, dust the nightstand. Remove every ounce of old, stale energy from your sacred space.

  1. Place  3-5 “feel good” items.

Now comes the fun part, pick 3-5 items that make you genuinely smile. Photos of family, your favorite green plant, your 5th grade soccer medal, whatever brings you joy bring it to your space. We’ll talk about energy enhancers in another post, but this step in my opinion is the most important. No matter how many crystals, or essential oils you fill your space with nothing can replace objects that authentically make you feel good when you look at them. For me personally it’s a funny picture from my wedding day, and a small plastic giraffe given to me by a favorite student many moons ago. No, they don’t have specific “healing powers” but they make me happy and a smile whenever I look at them and reflect on the memory. Try your best to stick to no more than 5 items we don’t want to over clutter our area after working so hard to declutter it.

  1. Decorate minimally, but intentionally.

You’ve got your 3-5 feel good items sitting on the floor of your empty kitchen nook, welcome to your sacred space. Not exactly, decorate your sacred space with a few items to make you feel comfortable and suit the purpose for creating your sacred space. If you’re using your sacred space for yoga and mediation, a kneeling table, yoga mat, and meditation pillow may be all you need. If you’re sacred space is for reading or binging Netflix on your ipad, maybe a lamp, comfy chair, pillows and blanket are perfect. Again, no need to overload your space with clutter we want positive energy to fill the room and travel freely but still create comfortability.

  1. Only use your sacred space when you need it.

You’ve put in the work to cleanse and decorate your sacred space and actively taken the time to include items that bring you joy. Just as quickly as you’ve created your sacred space you can destroy its purpose by over using it. If you’re sacred space is for writing poetry, don’t risk bringing in bad energy by using the space for storing dirty laundry. Sacred spaces serve the purpose of re energizing our spirits when the outside world is over-burdening us, help keep your space sacred and by being mindful of what you’re using the space for.

Sacred spaces are a beautiful thing, they are our creative spaces, our meditative spaces, and our soul cleansing spaces. Try these simple tips and share with us how your sacred space turned out!