Let me first apologize for the late monthly update…but it’s the first Sunday of the Month, so I think I made it just in time! May ended on such a tumultuous note I felt the need to revamp my whole June calendar….hence the late Mood Board.

Why a mood board? I’ve seen a couple of other bloggers I really admire start using this feature to give a guide for the content you can expect to see for the month, so I had to steal. With that being said….happy almost the first day of Summer, let’s get started.


This month I’ve been feeling the warmth of deep reds, auburn, and browns. Melanin in the skin can range on such a rich spectrum from cool blue-black undertones, to warm red/yellow undertones and everything in between. I wanted to highlight the feelings of these beautiful skin tones this month and show my appreciation for the beauty of melanin.


This month is all about social justice, equality, and loving everything black. In my current state, being out in the streets, protesting is not exactly the safest or most practical for me. I originally went to law school with the hopes of being a high paid….and that’s about it, but after a semester in the Harris County District Attorney’s office, I realized that my voice and legal knowledge needed to be used for good not “evil.” The following summer’s I spent finding my legitimate voice and clerking at non-profits devoted to civil rights and found my passion in the legal field. This summer, although I’m not clerking, I plan to do the same. I’ll touch on topics, including finding your voice (having an informed opinion), and protecting your mental and emotional health while during civil unrest. We’re exposed to such traumatic and violent images on the internet; it’s essential to be informed but protect our inner peace as well.


To piggyback I picked a quote by W.E.B. Dubois: 

 I am currently reading The Souls of Black Folk. Not only did I think this was a fitting read to start my summer out with, but I feel it’s essential for black people to understand our roots. W.E.B Dubois was a Harvard educated sociologist, civil rights activist, and overall intellectual. Dubois perpetuated healthy ideas for improving the black community, including that of the Talented Tenth. Since I’ve decided to feature The Souls of Black Folk this month, I will double back to my first read Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman a little later on.


This month we will be focusing on Third Eye Chakra mediation. We will focus on clearing our minds and clarity. Along with our daily meditations, we’re focusing on journaling and self-expression through writing. I personally feel social media has taken away our ability to express ourselves through the written word because we’re too busy trying to impress others…i.e., why blogs are public, right? By focusing on journaling, we learn how to express. I plan to share different prompts that focus only on daily journaling, poetry, songwriting, short story, and more.


Wrapping up my monthly mood board, I’m focusing on creating a home filled with positive energy and comfortable spaces in preparation for the baby. I’ve been working on some new recipes, SPOILER ALERT, matcha is currently my go-to flavor for smoothies and lattes. Additionally, I’ve been working on some new dinner recipes I’ll be sharing later in the month. I finally finished my patio revamp, and it has become the perfect space for fun, fitness, and ultimate relaxation in the Lovelocke home. By the end of the month, I hope to be teasing my nursery space (big Baby Love update this month….#teamboy or #teamgirl), and our living room makeover.

June brings not only the first day of summer, but I feel new beginnings! Happy June TBH. Fam!
P.S. The Black Hipster shop will be reopening this month!