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Holiday brunch is a family tradition I’m so excited to implement in my household! This year we will be kicking off our Christmas with Love brunch on Christmas Eve, and I cannot wait to share the results with everyone! 

I have to give credit where credit is due; holiday brunch is not my idea. It actually started with my dad’s family. As I (and other family members) have gotten older, my family wanted to start meeting earlier in the day. Mainly so my grandparents would not have to drive home in the dark. Instead of our traditional evening dinner, my aunt started doing brunch, and after the first time, we were all hooked. The environment was relaxed. You’re not gorging on food, so no one is groggy and uncomfortable, and your free to graze at your leisure all day. Whether your feeling sweet or savory, brunch offers a little for everyone! Inspiring me to adopt the tradition for my own family. I did my first family brunch on Thanksgiving, and I’ve already prepared my menu for Christmas. Check it out below with the links to the recipes I plan to try. 

Christmas Quiche

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I love to have a main dish that’s the centerpiece of what everyone is eating! My family loves everything eggs and omelets, and after trying my first quiche at Thanksgiving, it’s become a holiday staple. I am so excited to try this Christmas quiche with sausage and cranberry!

Red Velvet Waffles

Red Velvet Waffles Recipe - Home Cooking Memories

Next, you’ve always got to incorporate a sweet! The best way to do this is through a pancake/waffle or some kind of sweet roll. These decadent red velvet waffles have been on my list to try for years now, and I am so ready to try them out. I know my family will love them; red velvet is one of our favorite desserts!

Maple Bacon Christmas Trees

brown and gray bread with meat

In addition to my main dish, I always like to prepare meat on the side. However, why not keep the Christmas theme going with these adorable bacon Christmas trees!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

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No matter where you live (or the temperature), Christmas day is never complete without a creamy hot chocolate recipe! Peppermint and chocolate are my favorites around this time!

Cranberry Moscow Mule

We’re adults now; hot chocolate is cool, but once brunch is finished and the gifts are open, you’ve got to have a little fun to sip on. Moscow mules are my go-to, so adding a little cranberry (can you tell this is one of my Christmas flavors) is definitely worth trying!

Fruit Tray or Charcuterie Board

assorted fruits

Lastly, I always love to incorporate some mixed fruit. It’s “winter time” so it’ll be a berry medley of in-season fruits. Adding mixed fruit or store-bought fruit trays adds something light to mix that we can snack on until the food is ready. Additionally, if I was preparing brunch for a larger gathering, I’d prepare a charcuterie board as well….maybe next year!

I cannot say enough things about Pinterest being my favorite place to get recipes and all things DIY. 

Let me know in the comments below some of your favorite holiday recipes!